Ploho, the sound of the sad but pleasant nostalgia for childhood | Interview
ACTORS, the influences that shaped the sound | Interview
Rue Oberkampf, from DJ booths onto live stages, a transformative experience | Interview
Molyneaux, expressing deepest emotions through healing sounds and storytelling | Interview

Interview by Maria P.

Eddie Dark, tales from the crypt | Interview

Interview by Maria P.

The House Of Usher, A solid foundation with no cracks in the walls | Interview
Reflection Black, glorifying the liberation of the spirit | Interview

Interview by Maria P.

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  • Today's Sound: NOKTVA - Icarus

  • Today's Sound: Unwished - The Temple

  • Today's Sound: UNDERTHESKIN - Freezing Lights

  • Today's Sound: PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - Marauders from Earth

  • Today's Sound: Diamond Knife - Going Nowhere

  • Today's Sound: Scenius - Chinese Room

  • Today's Sound: Degenerated Sequences - Divine Redemption

  • Today's Sound: Ritual Howls - Dark Ceiling In Tennessee

  • Today's Sound: Grave Pleasures - Society Of Spectres

  • Today's Sound: Beborn Beton - Dancer In The Dark

  • Today's sound: Vandal Moon - Sunlight (Antipole Remix)

  • Today's Sound: Kill Shelter - In This Place ft. Beborn Beton

  • Today's Sound: Sacred Skin - Circles

  • Today's Sound: Seadrake feat. Dorian E - The Fever (Ascii​.​Disko Remix)

  • Today's Sound: Kite - Panic Music

  • Today's Sound: Scary Black - Transatlantic Tears

  • Today's Sound: Stereoskop - Hazel Eyes

  • Today's sound: Then Comes Silence - Rise To The Bait

  • Today's sound : Corlyx - Raindrops feat. Massive Ego

  • Today's sound: The Paper Road - The Bleeding

  • Today's Sound: Misfortunes - When The Night Falls

  • Today's Sound: Luc Stargazer - Jupiter (2021 version)

  • Today's Sound: Dead Lights - Doom Doom Trash

  • Today's Sound: Cinemascope - Ocean

  • Today's Sound: Fluid Ghost - Hard Rain

  • Today's Sound: Kill Shelter & Antipole - All for Nothing

  • Today's Sound: Stranger Dreams - Defiant

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