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LAMORI - Dark Messiah, nordic goth metal

LAMORI has been developing their own take on the goth rock genre for over 10 years now.

Going back in 2023 and revisiting thei "Dark Messiah" single, LAMORI have been combining gothic rock and metal, with electronics and dark wave, to produce their own neon lit flavor. Founded in 2009 on the Aland Islands of Finland, the constellation has stayed unchanged – however their sound is ever evolving.

The song "Dark Messiah" will captivate you from the very first note. The melodic dark atmosphere of the composition completely harmonizes with the melancholic guitar riffs, the throbbing bass, the dynamic drum patterns and the theatrical emotional vocals. the vocals that surprised me as in all songs of this style and remain etched in the minds of the listeners is the change from melancholic quiet vocals to harsher and darker ones full of rage and pain.

The chorus as the centerpiece of the song gives a catchy beat to both the vocal lines and the melodies and leaves an indelible impression that demands to be heard over and over again. The compositions are undeniably dynamic, sometimes calm and eerie and sometimes explosive and hard, which convey depth and dimension to both the music and the vocals. Its lyrics evoke a dark poetic narrative that chronicles pain, desire and worship of a deity.

Dystopian and eerie images bordering on decadence, a crown melting from the fires of the underworld, man's longing to kiss a dark king he calls Messiah, the sense of opulence and the desire for intense admiration touch something transcendent and powerful.

All these give the feeling that they symbolize something, it is a devotional devotion to a God, perhaps they represent an ideal or an obsession.
There is a reference to neon and gold lights contrasted with blood and fire and it is remarkably charming, on the one hand we have images reflecting beauty and seduction and on the other we have images of danger, explosion and passion.

In the end I will say that I find this song fascinating, their compositions are so alive that they make you want to explore them.


Matias - Vocals
Marcus - Guitar
Mikael - Bass
Jens - Keys
Emanuel - Drums









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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