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Zoodrake - Hit The Ground (single edit) | Hindsight

Industrial pop recollected in Zoodake's, "Hit The Gound (single edit)"!

Zoodrake formed back in 2019 and is the electronic pop project of mastermind Hilton Theissen (AKANOID, DARK MILLENNIUM). In their 5 years of existence, Zoodake released 3 full length albums. Their debut LP was "Purified" released in 2020, followed by "Seven" in 2021 while their third full length album came out in 2023, titled "Torn From Core". Today we are looking back in their 2021's release, "Seven" and in one of the hits of this album which was, also, released as a single edit. We are talking about the uptempo, powerful "Hit The Ground (single edit)", released a month after the album, on November 18th, 2021.

"Hit The Ground (single edit)" is a catchy blend of electro pop, electro, and industrial elements that immerses listeners in a dark and electrified sonic experience. The song opens with pulsating basslines, synths and a driving beat that sets a powerful tone and an uptempo ambience. The production is polished, with layers of electronic textures that intertwine seamlessly together.

Hilton Theissen delivers a stronger and rougher side of Zoodrake with "Hit The Ground (single edit)" since he is moving into harder lines in bass adding distortion in the sound making the single a raw industrial pop arrangement that balances between the the dark electro pop and the industrial characteristics. One of the song's standout features is its infectious energy. From start to finish, "Hit The Ground (single edit)" maintains a relentless momentum that keeps the excitement in high level, wit its intense beats. The vocals are delivered with intensity and passion, adding another layer of emotion to the track. 

Hilton Theissen cooments on "Hit The Ground (single edit)": "This song deals with being knocked down by life and gaining the ability to rise again and carry on."

Far removed from all musical and political trends and currents, the project focuses on the experience of human emotion and interaction. While deeply rooted in electronic music, it also embraces a variety of further influences rounding out ZOODRAKE`s musical profile.








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