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Blind Delon - La Metamorphose | Review

Blind Delon - La Me​́​tamorphose

May 2023

Veyl Records

Blind Delon return with a diverse, powerful, full length album, "La Me​́​tamorphose"!

French post-punk, dark, electro trio, Blind Delon revealed their emotional sound diversity in an amazing collection of songs gathered in their third full length album, titled "La Me​tamorphose" and released on May 5th via their new home, Veyl Records. Our love for Blind Delon goes back to their debut LP, "Discipline" and it was completely established with the magnificent second LP in 2020, "Chimeres". Having formed in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz and being a trio, consisting of Mathis, Coco Thiburs and Theo Fantuz the band releases their previous full length album. It was a while after "Chimeres" had been released that Theo Fantuz left the band and Mathis with Coco focused on refining their sound and energy through alternative projects and more EPs before adding a new member ahead of their latest opus. The band currently consists of Mathis Kolkoz (Vocals, Guitars), Coco Thiburs (Bass) and Thom Mayor (Synths, Guitars).

You will never succeed in putting a label on Blind Delon's music. The band from Toulouse is, perfectly, combining a variety of influences starting from rave and dark noisy electronics and going until the darkest paths of post-punk, touching some gothic rock lines and even throwing mixtures of synthwave and post-metal. And the result is the uniqueness and the diversity of their sound and arrangements. This is a fact for Blind Delon that is following the band from the very beginning and this is the main reason, the procedure of listening to their albums is a unique experience full of surprises, that, at least, will make you want more. 

That, exactly, is the case with "La Me​́​tamorphose". The third LP of the Toulouse based trio is still surprising the listener, while keeping that "ingredient" of the unique way of expressing their dark music. The journey starts with the powerfully dark, “Le Crépuscule”, diving into heavy dark riffs, followed by beautiful deep vocals and a tone of sharpness in the bass lines. Vocals here are going to the hardest sides of the band. "La Violence" is taking us to the punk world of Blind Delon, the one that is, beautifully, presented by synths and adopted in the voice of Fivequestionmarks, a DJ and singer from Rome, with a dark and heavy style who effortlessly assembles industrial, acid and EBM into wild raves. Another collab follows, perhaps in one of my favorite moments in "La Me​́​tamorphose". Blind Delon turns to gothic rock ambience with strong basslines in a strong goth rock arrangement enriched with the ghostly voice of the Berlin based project, Curses. in "La Mort".

In "L'Homme", the retro feelings prevail, in a synthesized tune, building an intense atmosphere, featuring the man behind Veyl Records, Maeanad Veyl. Another moment that goes into my favorites of "La Me​́​tamorphose" is "L'Affront". A look into the dark psychedelic soundscapes featuring The KVB and using experimentation with Floyd-ish guitars and sound effects. "La Sarcasme" is the "contact to base" for Blind Delon, with a noisy, post-punk track which touches electro and metal lines at the same time. 

"La Noyade" is an aggressive, raw, electro track with vigorous vocals, grinding guitars and strong, up-tempo beats. "La Foule" is a short instrumental track which builds the haunted atmosphere for "L'Envie" in a collaboration with the French dark electro, EBM project of Timothée Gainet, Poison Point. A dark ambient tune building an intense atmosphere which explodes into a raw post-punk, punk song with a sense of experimenting and with a catchy guitar playing blended with clever synths. Closing the album, we find the S/T "La Me​́​tamorphose" which concludes the music trip into the dark world of Blind Delon, exploring their unpredicted paths, using electronic, synthwave elements.

"La Me​́​tamorphose" is exactly what its title depicts. An album that manages to perfectly transform into any music species, without loosing its dark identity and quality at any time. The third chapter in Blind Delon's history is bounded with its predecessors while developing their continuously evolving music intelligence.








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