Isolated Youth, a spiritual call to arms | Interview

Strong emotions, true feelings, enforced with how, exactly, today's youth feels, a unique fragile voice, all balanced upon some dark, post punk riffs, bass lines and drum rhythm. A form of post-punk equally balancing with a numerous other elements and genres.

The Cassandra Complex - The point where punk, gothic and industrial met | Interview

One of the bands that is a reference in electro, dark music is The Cassandra Complex. Starting back in mid 80's, The Cassandra Complex used their synths, their computers and their guitars, and create the music that themselves called punk with synthesizers.

Marva Von Theo - Cold, Love Dreams, through Dark Lyricism on jazz lines | Interview

When the dark feelings and synths meet some jazz vocals and gothic dreamy stories, then you have found Marva Von Theo. Read a beautiful conversation with the really interesting synth, electronic duo from Greece.

Andreas Herrmann, the man with a vision for cold wave, dark wave music and bands | Interview

Andreas Herrmann, the man behind Cold Transmission label (but not the only one), shared with us his vision for the dark music scene, his label and Cold Transmission Festival 2019.

Hapax, dark synths, post-punk riffs and stories about self-determination and lost communications | Interview

Hapax, the dark-wave, post-punk duo from Naples, talks about the shadow-side inspirations and melancholic components that consists their new album "Monade". An interview about Hapax's origins and future!

Mosquito, hard goth rock diamond, shining under the Low Sun | Interview

Mosquito is definitely the a band that could stand next to the biggest gothic names of the world! Poetic in their lyrics, deeply emotional in lyrics and music and a unique gothic voice.

Cold Remembrance, reciting dark poetry in the Low Sun | Interview

Cold Remembrance are the dark, gothic poets that will fill with sentiments the "Low Sun Festival vol.2"!

Grey Gallows, dark hearts under Low Sun | Interview

Grey Gallows will open Low Sun Festival vol.2. But first, they open their hearts to ElektroSpank | FMA!

Anima Triste - Dark rock, post-punk that speaks to our heart | Interview

ElektroSpank presents the interesting chat we had with one of the best post-punk bands, not only in Greece. Read what Greg DiRt and Mad Sad told us about life, music and... humanity!!!

Agent Side Grinder - Back to electronic roots | Interview

"A/X" was long expected, since, apart from the already known hit-singles "Doppelganger" and "Stripdown" which are included in the album, "A/X" is the first full-length album recorded with the new singer of the band, Emanuel Astrom, on the vocals. We found ASG and Emanuel and we had this interesting chat.

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