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HEALTH, music for people with at least two monitors and a vitamin D deficiency | Interview

HEALTH will perform in Athens and we discussed about their music, the shows, the future and more.

In "RAT WARS", HEALTH, not only create the heaviest and darkest music of their career, but also record how crazy it is to be alive in this period. As they say, and I'll agree as far as it goes, RAT WARS is “The Downward Spiral” for people with at least two screens and vitamin D deficiency. “RAT WARS” is a clear statement about the insanity and stupidity of modern life .

With this album in their hands, the band that has been making their mark on noise rock since 2007, the California based HEALTH, will visit Greece for the first time for a unique live show at Temple Athens, which, in my opinion, makes the difference in the concert reality of the summer. HEALTH is happening now. The trio from LA are in the best phase we could possibly get them. And for this and for many other reasons, HEALTH live show is one of those you wouldn't want to miss. If this happens you will most likely regret it for a long time.

ElektroSpank managed to have a chat with HEALTH few days before the concert in Athens.

ElektroSpank and Como Esta Events offers 2 guest entrance for 2 HEALTH fans. For details click picture below:

ES: Hello HEALTH and thank you for this interview. Before going into details would you like to introduce yourselves? Who are HEALTH?

HEALTH is an industrial band from Los Angeles, CA.

ES: I know this is one of the things you may have answered the most, but I will ask. Why "HEALTH"? How did you pick that name for the band? How did you guys meet and what drew you into forming this band and playing that kind of music?

HEALTH was intended to be an everyday word, that in this context would seem cold and futuristic. We were inspired by Post-Punk artist bandnames such as MAGAZINE, WIRE etc.

ES: What does making music and writing lyrics mean to you? Which are the things or facts that influence and inspire HEALTH music?

HEALTH is primarily inspired by other music. But it definitely meant to reflect the times.

ES: You have a new album, the fifth one, RAT WARS, since December 2023, four years after the previous release, "Vol.4 : Slaves of Fear" and 1 year and a half since the last part of the DISCO series, "DISCO4: PART II". Would you like to share with us some things about RAT WARS? What does this album bring and what is the concept behind it?

RAT WARS is meant to be a dystopian heavy record, with a mild light concept behind it.

ES: RAT WARS has been critically acclaimed and by, almost, everyone around the alternative and underground music scene. Whether it is called goth, industrial, metal, cyberpunk, everyone had some great words to say about the last album. How do you feel about it? Is this something you expected and what does all these bring for HEALTH's next release?

We confidently feel it is our best record, so we enjoy the attention.

ES: Which, would you say, are the main changes or differences between RAT WARS and your previous releases, including DISCO? Which are the elements, that, perhaps, made RAT WARS the most special and favorite album for HEALTH fans?

Every record we add new “gimmicks” to the sonic toolbox. This is the first proper HEALTH album with arpeggiators and downtuning of guitars etc.

ES: I think I won't try to label your music, however I would like to ask you about the labels that could match to your sound? For me, there is an amazing blend of genres, making the music of HEALTH something unique and one of the most significant cross-genre sounds and band? What would you say to the one who would ask you to describe your music?

Nowadays we are telling people its industrial or Neo-industrial….or cum metal.

ES: As pioneering is your music and RAT WARS, so is the ideas you have in order to promote your music. To promote RAT WARS release, you published a game, Rat Wars Survivors, based on Luca Galante's "Vampire Survivors". How did this come up? Can you tell us some things about it?

Its a Vampire Survivors clone you can play on your browser or on your phone. We just like video games and it was a fun project for our fans.

ES: One can find HEALTH music in a number of soundtracks. What is the relation of the band with the gaming and movies world?

We have a connection with gaming and our fans love video games so it always comes up.

ES: Live show in Athens, Greece! How do you feel about it? What can your fans expect from a HEALTH show in Athens? Have you ever been in Greece before, even not as a band?

I 've never been to Greece before so definitely very excited to go.

ES: Speaking of live shows, what would you say has been one (or two) of the most memorable time you were on stage? I mean you have been on the road for a while now and you also have some history with concerts, like opening for Nine Inch Nails back in 2008 or the Wembley show and tour with Sleep Token.

Yes many great moments you remember, playing Primavera festival is also another highlight. As well as Roadburn 2022.

ES: Being active since 2007, if I ask you to look back in HEALTH’s history, is there anything that perhaps you would have change or do differently?

Endless things I would’ve done differently but theres no way to go back.

ES: What will the future bring for HEALTH? Which are the next steps for you? Can we expect a new release? Will there be a new DISCO part?

We want to keep releasing more music as soon as possible. Yes there will be a DISCO5.

ES: I think I could go on asking so many things. But I will stop now and I will leave this space for you to add anything that you would like to say to your fans.

Come see us in Athens!

HEALTH live in Athens - FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1658890571581942/






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