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PREMIERE: The Man & His Failures unveils official video for "Collapsing Youth"

New official video for the first single, "Collapsing Youth", out of the upcoming album "Survival Kit", is out!

The Man & His Failures releases new official video. "Collapsing Youth" was released back in November 2022, as the first single of The Man & His Failures next album. The single is a hauntingly evocative piece that captures the fierce journey from the innocence of adolescence to the midlife crisis through a melancholic lens. The song itself is a brooding exploration of youthful disillusionment, expressed through deep, depressive and quite angry lyrics, a dark, electrified melody with addictive synths and a chorus that remains long after the music fades. The Man & His Failures manages to convey a sense of raw emotion, weaving the loss of innocence and the inevitability of growing up.

Directed with a minimalist approach in stark black and white, the official video for "Collapsing Youth" integrates perfectly with the tone and ambience of the song. The monochromatic editing strips away distractions, focusing on the intense emotional landscape that the trio wants to express through the sound and lyrics. The use of black and white creates scenes that alternate between moments of solitude and bleakness, mimicking the internal conflicts faced by youth, while the duo-colored switching and shadows with light is highlighting the contradictions everyone is facing growing up.

Manos Karakatsanis, lead singer of The Man & His Failures commenst on "Callapsing Youth" in an interview at Olafaq magazine"It is a very good foretaste of the “Survival Kit” ... It sonically gives the perfect mark of where our sound has reached and how we want to sound. Lyrically, it makes a retrospective and an approach to how the monster of everyday life swallows you and the struggle for survival and not life, tries little by little to put out your fire for questioning. An uneven road race, from youth to the end."

"Collapsing Youth" released on November 16th, 2022, as the first single of "Survival Kit" followed by a second single, titled "Lethe", released one year later, in November 23rd, 2023. "Collapsing Youth" single included as b-side a different version of the song, the "Votre Chien Remix".

The filming of "Collapsing Youth" video took place in Piraeus, at the Meadows Studio of Panos Vlasopoulos. Filmed and edited by Antonis Ntinos Additional footage by Cottonbro Studio.
"Collapsing Youth" is already out on all digital platforms and will be on The Man & His Failures next record, "Survival Kit".

The Man & His Failures started in 2018 as a personal band of Manos Karakatsanis (Asylum Promises, Mani Deum) but soon evolved into a fully functional, full band with the additions of Dimitris Vlasopoulos and Alek Sorros, while they have already released the EPs Persona Non Grata (2018) and MMXX EP (2021) and the split 7 Devastations/ R. Daneel with Incirrina. They have shared the stage with names such as Front 242, Alexander Hacke, Fontaines D.C., Minuit Machine, HAUJOBB as well as many notable domestic acts.









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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