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Today's Sound: Dead Lights - Doom Doom Trash

Dead Lights are hitting the dancefloors with their "Doom Doom Trash".

Dead Lights announce their all new EP, "Doom Doom Trash", out on March 11th, via Cold Transmission.

The UK based androgynous duo, Saul and Richard, are here to awaken you from the pandemic stagnation with a club-hit, one of these that you all want to dance in a dark dancefloor, through flashing lights, with the bass, beats and music getting into your head. You have been warned since their early samples and sounds that this duo will get you off of your armchairs and they are going to be big.

Dead Lights can be the ones that will keep all that club EBM style in the front line. Blending in an amazing way the style of industrial pop with pumping beats of dark electro, dark techno into a goth electronic, synth sound that seems to be as filthy and seedy as you realy love. 

Dead Lights, with the same titled single, out of their upcoming EP, put themslves in the top of bass, industrial pop wave and they are going to keep it that way!

‘Doom Doom Trash’ is a song about the cathartic experience of submerging oneself in loud music, pumping bass, flashing lights and additional stimulants of choice. A celebration of glamorous and seedy nightlife that has been sorely missed these last years.

Performance by Marion Bosetti

Saul filmed by Amy Crutcher

Richard & Marion filmed by Auke Hamers

Video edited by Dead Lights

"Doom Doom Trash" EP is available for pre-order in CD format via Cold Transmission.







If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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