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Today's Sound: Misfortunes - When The Night Falls

New emotional dark synths in Misfortune's new EP "When The Night Falls"!

Misfortunes announces the release of their new full length album, coming out in autumn 2022 via TONN Recordings, with the release of the beautiful "When The Night Falls".

Thessaloniki, Greece based one man dark wave, dark synth project of Ioakeim Vasileiadis is back after the, critically acclaimed previous, LP, "The Isle Of Tomorrow" released back in September 2020.

"When The Night Falls" is coming as a "first taste" of the upcoming album and it is an, all in all, amazing and beautiful, dark electronic three-turn drive through the electronic darkness and emotional soundscapes of his creator. "When The Night Falls" comes with three tracks including, the same-titled, an analogue dark-oriented synth arrangement with the cold wave element mixed with synthpop lines. "Burdens (Quite Mountains Version" is a deep melancholic electronic ballad in which the addition of the electric guitars by Persephone matches perfectly with the synth melody, the deep vocals and the dark ambience. Last one on the Misfortunes EP is the Greek version of the "When The Night Falls", titled "Otan pefti i nychta (Όταν πέφτει η νύχτα)". Keeping the dark emotions and sounds the S/T track is ariose narrated in Greek language giving a more poetic side.


"When The Night Falls" EP is a special preview of the forthcoming 12" vinyl album by Misfortunes, which will be released on TONN Recordings autumn 2022.

All songs composed, recorded and mixed by Misfortunes
'When The Night Falls' and 'Όταν πέφτει η νύχτα' lyrics by Markos-Valsamis Lyritsis
'Burdens' (Quiet Mountain version) lyrics and electric guitar by Persephone
Mastering by Thanos Mylonas
Image @ Constantinos Georgiadis
Design by Nieuw NDG




If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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