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Today's Sound: Diamond Knife - Going Nowhere

Diamond Knife introduce themselves to the world with the single and video, "Going Nowhere"!

Diamond Knife is a cross-state collaborative super duo featuring Nate Myers of extreme metal bands HELL, MIZMOR, and MANIA with Lilian Void of SCIMITAR, OVER, and MZ NEON on vocals. Their debut single, "Going Nowhere" is an electrifying electronic pop anthem, perfect for stirring up dance floors everywhere.

"Going Nowhere" is the point where deep, goth vocals meet electro pop blended with cold disco beats and synths. An attractive and elegant synth pop going deep into italo disco tunes with a dark voice completing the music puzzle.

"The music video for "Going Nowhere" was filmed in the legendary and now-defunct downtown Los Angeles goth club, The Lash. The single highlights modern social disposability and exposes its fleeting nature. A play on dark dance clichés, it follows a woman betraying her true nature to entertain a wealthy but empty love interest while coping with her escapist addictions. She's finally spared from self-destruction with the intervention of a demon that reminds her of her deeper intentions of being set free from material pursuit, allowing her to fully blossom creatively.

Inspired by the heyday of synthpop with a twist of foreboding baritone croon, "Going Nowhere" features Italo-disco beats driving under blaring horn fifths before the resolve of choral formant ensembles elevates the listener into a liminal dimension. The modern twist on a time-tested sonic palette captivates dance fans worldwide, eliminating the need to repeatedly express mundane feelings of existential doubt. Embrace the dance and forego the cyclical, shallow forfeiture of a future for a dry and frivolous security."






If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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