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NIGHTSISTER - Lost In A Past Life, nostalgia through dark notes

NIGHTSISTER released the gothic pop single "Lost In A Past Life"!

Psot-punk, goth electro project based in Portland unveiled its last dark tune with the beautiful single, "Lost In A Past Life"! NIGHSISTER acts as the enigmatic purveyors of post-punk, goth rock with an electro twist, delivering a hauntingly atmospheric masterpiece with the single released in February. Seamlessly blending darkwave synths, driving basslines, and deep and ethereal vocals, this song moves the listener to a haunted soundscape.

NIGHTSISTER comments on "Lost In A Past Life": "This song convey a sense of regret, nostalgia, and the realization that certain expectations or dreams did not come to fruition. I reflect on being "lost in a past life" and feeling doomed to repeat old mistakes, suggesting a pattern of unsuccessful choices or experiences. The repetition of the lines "I thought I'd love/live forever, but forever never came" highlights the disappointment and the contrast between expectations and the reality of their experiences.

The reference to steering a ship without direction, lacking ambition, and having no plan reflects a feeling of aimlessness and being adrift in life. The mention of a broken record and a skipped needle suggests being stuck in a repetitive and unproductive cycle, unable to move forward."

"Lost In A Past Life" delivers a cold emotion and a sad feel and ense in its lines with a melncolic and melodic vocals and instrumentation. The high setbacks between what someone awaits and wht the hardest sides of life brings builts the diversity on which the music and lyrics of "Lost In A Past Life" is being built upon. With this single, NIGHTSISTER shows the ability of crafting atmospheric and emotionally resonant music. With its haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms, this song is sure to captivate fans of post-punk, goth rock, and cold electro alike.







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