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CloudMaker - Oblivion (feat. Burialgrounds), diving onto industrial, gothic metal

"Oblivion" by CloudMaker, featuring Burialgrounds, is an example of gothic and industrial metal done right.

"Oblivion" sets a haunting tone from the first note with its mystery, electrified soundscape, leading the listener into a world of dark, atmospheric music. The spooky riffs and dirty synths bring memories of Ministry and provide a gloomy scenery blending with heavy, relentless drum beats, adding a powerful layer and an unyielding force to the track.

Burialgrounds give their own raw dimension in "Oblivion" making this song the hardest and most powerful by the Indiana based melodic industrial band, CloudMaker.

CloudMaker began in 2019 as a solo project from Eric Frank, exploring what was possible with vintage synthesizers and drum machines while intentionally never using a computer or modern DAW. CloudMaker has gradually transformed from its humble beginnings into a collage of industrial, darkwave and ambient noise, culminating in a unique style of its own. In 2021, Zach Smith joined the group on guitar, adding additional layers that range from distorted heavy riffs to melodic dream-like soundscapes. Their first full-length album, "Primal Unity" came out in August 2023 and explores topics of longing, faith, love and loneliness against a confrontational and dark soundscape.

"Oblivion" is their new release since "Primal Unity" and, together with, Ohio based, Burialrounds, who adds an extra layer of intensity and darkness, enhancing the overall impact of the song, they go into harder paths mixed with industrial sounds into a new sonic experience of industrial metal.

The emotional depth makes the listener feel the weight of the existential despair and impending doom. The production quality is great with every element in good balance. From the deep, resonant bass to the crisp, piercing treble, the mix ensures that each component stands out.

In summary, "Oblivion" by CloudMaker, feat. Burialgrounds, has a powerful instrumentation and immersive atmosphere offering a dark journey through despair.








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