Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision | Review

Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision

November 2019

Oblivion (SPV GmbH) / Metropolis Records

Die Krupps adds to their 90's industrial metal history with the "Vision 2020 Vision".

words by George Fakinos

Do you remember a time, back in the early/mid 90s where Die Krupps were on the verge of breaking through? Well, it never happened.

Then came the band politics, the arguments and the inevitable split up in 1997. But since 2007 Die Krupps seemed to be active again with either shows or albums (count some compilations and remixes as well).

Which brings us to the awesome “Vision 2020 Vision” (release date was November 22, 2019) .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that “Vision 2020 Vision” is so impressive that it could definitely be the lost album after “Paradise Now”…

Pumping Industrial Rock/Metal for the masses that will never reach the masses. They also cover Genesis on “ Carpet Crawlers”. No fillers in this case.










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