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Premier: Dark, Electro, Gothic, PMad releases powerful "Down" on February 14th

Paul Dillon is a solo artist called pMad who is based in Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland and producing Goth, Post-Punk, Indie Rock music .

Influences of the band include: Killing Joke, The The, The Sisters of Mercy, Suicidal Tendencies, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode and lots more. PMad picks Valentine's day to get through a different meaning concerning self love.

In his latest single, "Down," pMad delves into the impact people can have on one's identity and self-esteem. The lyrics of the track paint a powerful picture of the emotional turmoil that arises when one's sense of safety and self-worth is threatened by others. It reminds us that until we confront these issues and take action to protect ourselves, the cycle of suffering will persist. But by recognizing the preciousness of life and choosing to break free from this cycle, we can stop it beginning again each day!

With 'Down,' pMad hopes to empower listeners to break the cycle of suffering and reclaim their self-esteem and personal identity.

“A fast paced, electro, alt dark gothic cauldron of emotion, rumbling guitars, clever dark underground beats melded cleverly and with passionate intent" - Paul Travis, A1m Records

"The new single "Down" by Ireland's pMad is another song that won't let you down. It's heavy, dark and exciting with a little surf goth sound to it. The vocals are powerful. It's another hit from pMad for your ears." - Sound Obscura (Que4 Radio) Chicago, IL USA

"Arranged for mounting effect, with the song swooping and soaring! Deep lyrics with edgy guitars, goth-club synths making this fast paced post punk song well worth adding to your playlists." - The Best of Irish Indie













If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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