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Then Comes Silence are back with the new single "Ride Or Die"

March 1st marks the return of the Swedish post-punk icons, Then Comes Silence!

Two years after their last official release, Swedish dark rock masters, Then Comes Silence, unveils their all new single, dedicated to friendship, "Ride Or Die". The new single is the first statement taken from their upcoming and long-awaited new album, "Trickery", out on April 5th, via Metropolis Records. "Ride Or Die" is the first taste of the seventh full length album of the trio and days prior to its official release reached #3 in Germany's authoritative DAC Charts.

Then Comes Silence was founded by Alex Svenson in 2012, originally inspired by frequent touring with A Place To Bury Strangers and an attraction to horror and the occult. Today he is joined by drummer Jonas Fransson and Hugo Zombie (Los Carniceros del Norte) on guitar.

"Ride Or Die" celebrates friendship through its experiential lyrics that came out of the band's images and facts in the previous years. Capturing the warm feedback of the audience in the many places that Then Comes Silence have traveled during the last years, as well as the departure of the former, fourth, member of the band that led to the strengthening of the other members relationship, Then Comes Silence reveal a solid and emotional post-punk song, establishing an honest atmosphere. 

Built on a catchy chord and melody, with the sharp breaks of Hugo Zombie's guitar and the steady, deliberate beats of Jonas Fransson drums, the strong bass line and the atmospheric vocals of Alex Svenson comes to fill the missing parts of a sonic puzzle that unveils the dynamic world of the experienced trio. After all, the, over a decade, history of Then Comes Silence has shown that dark rock and post-punk soundscapes can be equally romantic, emotional, raw and gritty.

"Ride Or Die" comes with an adrenaline-filled trip of a video, co-directed by Gözde Duzer!

Regarding the new album, "Trickery" is also the audio definition of triumph over adversity. This album celebrates friendship, unity and the feeling of belonging to a group, a tribe. Being a part of what most people would call the goth and post-punk  community is, according to the band, a great privilege. Of course, there are dark sides to everything, but after being on the road and meeting people from the music scene for so many years, the band have experienced a caring and welcoming community.

Then Comes Silence explaining that “being a part of the post-punk and goth scene is a great privilege. After being on the road for so many years, we have experienced caring and welcoming audiences, both old and young, some with a similar background and some just for the love of the music and the culture that comes with the lifestyle. Uniting and harmonising with other people, we feel an incredible community together and it is a feeling that is both priceless and a blessing."

"No one is free from apprehension and fear. Everyone feels some kind of alienation in certain degrees. You might often think you need to camouflage yourself to be part of a context. Make a change to fit in the group. The need for friendship is strong so you adapt. Maybe not always the way you hoped. But then...  there are moments when we unite and harmonize with other people and feel an incredible community together. That feeling is priceless and a blessing. Friendship is love. It is important and worth fighting for," says Alex Svenson.










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