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Exclusive Premiere: Midnight Poetry releases debut single and video, "Black Hole"

Midnight Poetry debuts with the single and official video, "Black Hole"!

Midnight Poetry is the new project of Cleopatra Kaido and John Spanos. A promising project with dark, electronic compositions with elements of melodic post-punk and also industrial pop, influenced by bands such as VNV Nation, Diary of Dreams, New Order, Clan of Xymox and newer artists.

The dark, electro pop duo is working on their debut album which is to be released later in 2024, including dynamic, gloomy sonic landscapes, built upon the solid vocals of Cleopatra Kaido, inspirational lyrics and unique melodies, blending the two different backgrounds of Midnight Poetry's members, including influences from both techno and trance elements until dark wave, post punk and cold minimal sounds.

"Black Hole" is Midnight Poetry's debut single and their introduction to the music world as a band. The single is coming out on Monday, March 25th, available on Bandcamp, along with the official video, depicting the mood of the sound, lyrics and vocals. "Black Hole" creates a contrast between the electronic sound that goes into the lines of future pop along with cold, dark ambience, the lyricism and the strong vocals which are perfectly expressing what the song stands for. A track that seamlessly blending elements of electronic and dark pop music to create an eerie yet captivating atmosphere.

Instrumentation and production stands on layers of synths and electronic beats building upon each other to create a sense of tension. "Black Hole" beautifully blends its dark electro-pop elements unveiling its emotional melodies and a great structure and production. Vocals delivered with raw emotion, perfectly capture the sense of entrapment in the ghost and situations of the past. A song that its melody and addictive voice of Cleopatra Kaido remains in the mind long after the final notes.

Midnight Poetry comments on "Black Hole": "This song encapsulates the thoughts and emotions awakened in our memory after enduring a challenging situation from the past, which we relive in the present. This could stem from a separation, loss of a loved one, rejection, or other painful experiences. Such events are inescapable, compelling us to engage in a personal struggle to stay in control and avoid being consumed by the abyss that threatens our very being. The lyrics liken loneliness to a dead desert, where the soul, floating and dancing with a ghost, seeks to rediscover its essence."

Cleopatra Kaido has previously released two albums, "Artificial Galaxy" (2013) with Drama Queen (post punk, goth, alternative) and "System Amomaly" (2020) with "Meat Injection" (Synth Wave, Post Punk, Dark Electro, Minimal). She performed in many live shows as well as collaborations with other musicians, and now she returns strongly where her worries turn into creativity and inspiration, with John Spanos by her side.

John Spanos has already released 5 personal albums and several releases in compilations from the goa/psychedelic trance scene, with Radical Distortion as well as his solo project as John Spanos under the sounds of Ambient/Chill Out/Future Garage with many appearances at festivals and events abroad. John is adding his own touch to this musical genre, having Cleopatra Kaido by his side.







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