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Clan Of Xymox returns with new LP, "Exodus" and new official video

Exactly three years after “Limbo” (2021), the legendary goth rock band Clan of Xymox returns with a new album.

Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam in 1984, being one of the most legendary acts of the modern dark alternative scene, were one of the main pillars of the record company 4AD, culminating during the 80's, with landmark records in the gothic rock scene .

Their new album titled "Exodus", being the 18th album of the band as in 2023 Clan of Xymox was on an extensive tour, creating new material, influenced by the dystopian conditions of the contemporary world.

This new record bears the unique signature of songwriter and founding member Ronny Moorings who makes a soulful statement pumping all his sadness and anger into one of Clan of Xymox's darkest musical works.

The new track they present from their new work is called "X-Odus" and it has been directed by Zoe Kavanagh while the album is released by Metropolis Records.

Below you can watch the new official song of Clan of Xymox titled “X-Odus”.

"‘Exodus’ is not an album for dreamers, but neither is it the stuff of nightmares, despite the dark shadows lurking beneath the surface. Rather, it is a gateway for all who acknowledge these dark days and yet refuse to give up completely, encouraging its listeners to sing these nocturnal lullabies together and dance while we still have a floor or platform to do so. We can do nothing else."

Exodus Tracklist:
Save Our Souls (Album Version)
Fear For A World At War
The Afterglow
I Can See Miles Across
We Are Who We Are
Blood of Christ
I Always Feel the Same
Once Upon A Time





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