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The Chameleons releases new EP and video, "Where Are You"

New EP before the full length album for The Chameleons!

British post punk band The Chameleons returns to the recording scene after a long absence presenting their new work, in the form of an EP, which is entitled "Where Are You".

Their new work was released on May 24th by Metropolis Records, being the forerunner of their new full-length which will be titled "Arctic Moon" and was to be released later in the new year.

For The Chameleons, "Where Are You" is their first studio material, 21 years after the release of "Why Call It Anything?" enabling the English to make a soul testimony expressing all their expressiveness and lyricism, creating a new musical dark effect, influenced by the dystopian conditions of the contemporary world.

The new track they present from their new work is called "Where Are You" and it has been directed by Martin Swinny.

You can watch The Chameleons' new official song below.

"“It’s exciting to finally be putting out fresh Chameleons material for the first time in over twenty years, although initially I found it quite daunting,” vocalist/bassist Mark Burgess of iconic post-punk band The Chameleons admitted recently about their brand new three song EP, ‘Where Are You?’, which is out today. Released digitally on Metropolis Records (in conjunction with Strange Times Entertainment), a limited edition 12” vinyl format is also being sold at live shows, of which a current UK and mainland European schedule can be read below. “The question about new music is one I had been asked the most by people coming to our gigs,” he continues. “Many weren’t even born when our previous records were made, but they were excited and inspired by the music enough to catch us on various tours.”"

"Where Are You" Tracklist:
Where Are You?
Endlessly Falling





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