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DeathDisco MiniFest 2k20 - Holygram cancelled their show in Athens

Holygram will not appear in Athens, Greece.

Unfortunately it is true. Some really sad news about one of the best modern post-punk bands... HOLYGRAM Something that had been heard in the last few days, finally was, sadly, confirmed by the band!

Holygram will not continue their music path as a whole and therefore their upcoming show in Athens for DeathDisco MiniFest 2k20 - Post-Puank Edition is cancelled! Below you will find the post from the band confirming the sad news!

"A Farewell

Some of you may have already heard the rumors.
Sometimes you have to make decisions that affect people whether you like it or not. But since these decisions are meaningful and might in their humble way have an impact in this world it takes time to wrap your head around it before you want to put it out there for the vultures to do their nasty thing. We are sad about the way some people treated this sensible information and we want to apologize for how the news eventually found their way to you through an insensitive announcement by a third party. This is not the way we wanted it to be handled but it proves that things can get out of your control. Sometimes people care and sometimes they do not. And sometimes knowing people is knowing nothing. We live in a world that is moving faster and faster and there is no time to stop and rest. To take a breath is to fail. But since the word is out there now, let’s make it official…
We want to thank everyone who made the last 5 years the most remarkable time in our musical careers. From the very start we were overwhelmed by all the love we received from you in such a short period of time. Being able to create something that touches people all around the globe means a lot to us. There were times when it was too much to grasp. Our music has been our own way of getting along in this collapsing world. It felt good to not be alone on this adventure. This makes it hard for us to say goodbye. We always cared about you and still do. This band would have not been possible without great people.
We do not feel like this was the best way to end this journey, but it has to be the way now.
See you on the dance floor, in the fog. ✌️



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