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Today's Sound: Beborn Beton - Dancer In The Dark

 BEBORN BETON returns with the first single out of their new album!

Synth pop adherents are guaranteed to get bowled over by 'Dancer in the Dark', the new video clip and first single taken from BEBORN BETON's forthcoming full-length "Darkness Falls Again". The new album by the German trio has been scheduled for release on March 17, 2023. 


BEBORN BETON comment: "The times that we're living in right now will determine the fate for the planet and for generations to come", vocalist Stefan Netschio writes on behalf of the band and continues: "Don't let what now feels like the end of the world sweep you off your dancing feet."

BEBORN BETON formed back in 1989 by vocalist Stefan Netschio, keyboard player and drummer Stefan Tillmann, and keyboard player Michael Wagner. The trio set out with the declared aim to keep synth pop relevant and give it meaning. Their first signs of life were three self-released works, 'Pyre' (1989), 'Scythe' (1991, and 'Die Stahlbetontour' (1992) that came out on tape.

Since then, the German trio released 8 full length albums, after the first two LPs and having conquered home, the three electro-musicians rapidly expanded abroad and the 1996 full-length "Nightfall", followed by "Truth" in 1997, and "Fake" (1999) gained the Germans strong acclaim by critics and fans around the globe.

In 2000, BEBORN BETON had firmly positioned themselves as a headlining act within their scene and toured in all the strongholds of electronic music such as Canada and the US, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, and even Russia among other places. In the North of America, the Germans had scored a veritable club hit with the track 'Another World' in 1997. Across the Atlantic, the track's ever-growing popularity finally led to the exclusive US release of a best-of double-album entitled "Tales from Another World" in 2002, which was followed by extensive touring in North America with APOPTYGMA BERZERK in the same year.

Eight years after their last album "A Worthy Compensation (2015)", the upcoming LP, "Darkness Falls Again", has all the ingredients that make synth pop great. Catchy songs that make the legs twitch, a dash of melancholy, a pinch of irony, and a knife-tip of anger. 

Pre-sale here: http://lnk.spkr.media/beborn-beton-darkness







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