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Today's Sound: Dead Astronauts - Erase Me

Dead Astronauts unveils the first single, "Erase Me", out of the upcoming album, "Ghosts"!

Dead Astronauts are back, presenting their new single, "Erase Me", a dark, synthwave mixture dressed with the gloomy ambience of the band's unique sound and the intriguing vocals of Jared Kyle. Working closely with Slade Templeton of Crying Vessel, the Portland based project creates a haunting dark wave melody, enriched with the spellbinding synth lines in a mid-tempo electro, synth oriented chorus, that focuses on the sentimental agony and damage interlaced by demons that left forgotten but still exist.

In "Erase Me", Dead Astronauts builds upon dark wave foundations, using their best elements blending the goth-electro sounds with the synth wave and post-punk lines. A desperate shout about facing and opposing inner beasts, demanding to distinguish these darker sides and fight against them.

"Accompanying this sonic journey is the visually compelling music video for "Erase Me," a cinematic creation directed by the talented Michael Williamson. The video stars Lauren Koopowitz and Adam Ovadia, who bring the narrative to life with their emotive performances. This collaboration with Michael marks a continued partnership, as he had previously worked on other visual endeavors for Dead Astronauts, including "To Find Her" and "Forgetting Me." The synergy between the band and the director is evident, creating a visual language that enhances the emotional resonance of the music.

As "Erase Me" beckons listeners into its narrative, the combination of music and visuals becomes a poignant testament to the interconnectedness of auditory and visual art forms. Dead Astronauts not only deliver a captivating single but also offer a multi-sensory experience that sets the stage for the broader musical journey awaiting exploration in the complete "Ghosts" album."







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