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Today's Sound: Actors - Dead Inside

New ACTORS single and video, "Dead Inside" is out!

“a gothic anthem for the disenchanted…” The latest ACTORS single Dead Inside is out today. The new song of the Vancouver based quartet stands as a well-crafted blend of dark, atmospheric soundscapes and energetic rhythms characterized by brooding basslines, shimmering synths, and driving guitar riffs.

"Dead Inside" is a powerful return for ACTORS. "Dead Inside" manages to stay true to the band's post-punk roots while incorporating contemporary elements that keep their sound fresh and relevant, like those who define the modern post-punk. The emotional lyrics, makes a track that is both intriguing and deeply hypnotic. "Dead Inside" comes to confirm ACTORS 's reputation as one of the leading voices in modern post-punk.

Jason Corbet comments on "Dead Inside": "“The recent loss of several friends and the realization of how finite our time is really had an effect on me over the past few months. That dark and sometimes anxious emotion permeates my music with ACTORS. The new single just comes right out and says it." - Jason


The video for "Dead Inside" complements the song's dark, introspective themes with a visually striking aesthetic. The color palette is predominantly muted, with shades of black, grey, and blue completing the scenes. This colored ambience enhances the somber mood of the song, creating a visually stout experience. The use of lighting is particularly effective, with stark contrasts and shadows adding to the emotional darkness.








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