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AUS!Funkt - Mind Game, industial analogue groove

Aus!Funkt is an electro-art-punk/austere-disco concept.

Rejecting the lyrical and musical excesses of rock, A!F combines the groove of electronic music with the aggression of post-punk. Beats seduce the body into movement, freeing it from its torpor. On top, the guitar spurts out clouds of noise, while the bass supplies the melody. The lyrics provoke the mind with their realism and repetition.

So If you're a fan of electronic and all the aforementioned genre, AUS!Funkt will catch your attention! They have many releases and their last one was on February 1, 2024. "My Way / Interception" is an album with four tracks with pulsating electronic beats and groovy bass melodies, most of them with post punk sound! Filing the lines with evocative female vocals!

Most of all the song "Mind game" caught my attention! Disco analog beats with post punk aggressive melodies spread all over the atmosphere, make you wanna dance! In contrast with the rest of the album "Mind Game" is interpreted with dark and sexy male vocals complete the rhythm.

All these elements are combined through their electronic form and give us this even result. However, the whole album is very nice with very good production. It is a combination of rhythm, driving you to an undeniable energy! Give them a chance and explore their music! They, definitely, deserve it!









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