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Fjerstad - Sado/Maso, Hard Techno, industrial

"Sado/Maso" is the first original Fjerstad track since the release of the debut LP in 2019.

This one exists somewhere between the realms of Scandinavian techno and mid-to-late 90's industrial rock bands like Pitchshifter, Gravity Kills, or Lunatic Calm. It is the first track being released from an upcoming album called "Promiscuous Sects" which will feature an EP's worth of new original material, remixes, and other oddities.

Producer/composer Chad Fjerstad releases electronica under his surname and cinematic scores under his full name. He is also known as the front person of minimal wave duo More Ephemerol, and previously known as the bassist of a horde of international touring bands such as Dead To Fall, The Primals, and VR SEX.

"Sado/Maso" is the ultimate techno, industrial 90's song with pounding basslines and distorted arpeggios, the industrial samples add layers of intensity, creating a dystopian sonic landscape that it is exhilarating! The track's agrressive quick tempo drives the listener into frenzy! I hear influences from Prodigy, Daft punk, Beastie Boys, even RUN DMC.

The lyrics immediately grab attention with their bold imagery, suggesting that violence can fuel one's passion or determination. This sets a dark and intense tone for the song. Amidst the intensity, there's a contrasting desire for connection or understanding, expressed in lines like "I wanna show you light, I wanna bring you there".

Here it is, another one.."If you hit it, it will hit you back", what you give is what you get in this life and this has to do with the nature and the subsequent consequences. "Sado/Maso" is the pleasure and the pain in a complicated relationship, a deep satisfaction after violence. Simply put, in any case anyone can ponder and analyze this complicated situation. One thing is for sure Fjerstad spits fire!!










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