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FLEISCH - Kingdoms Crying, a glance in industrial metal past

FLEISCH released a song dedicated to our planet, our home, "Kingdoms Crying"!

"Kingdoms Crying" comes to our speakers from the, not so distant, January 2021 and combines industrial metal's raw intensity with the allure of melodic synth. The track opens with a pulsating synth line that seamlessly transitions into heavy, distorted guitar riffs, creating a dynamic and engaging soundscape. The vocals are a perfect blend of harsh, aggressive tones and melodic hooks, adding depth and contrast.

FLEISCH comments on "Kindoms Crying": "Kingdoms Crying was the first single to be released from our second album. It captures the heartache we feel for how humanity treats our home. A theme which is replicated in many of our songs."

With ambitions to dominate the worldwide industrial, gothic, and electronic music scenes, Fleisch takes no prisoners with their viscerally mechanical cocktail of the heaviness and techno elements of Rammstein and the melodic sensitivities of Depeche Mode. 

After the release of their self-produced 2016 debut, 'MINE', the Northampton-forged trio promoted the LP by playing clubs and venues across Europe with the likes of Germany's OST+FRONT, gaining more fans and momentum with each show. 

 While the world sat in stagnation in 2020, Fleisch honed their volition and worked on their second album, ‘THE KITE’, which blasphemed the airwaves in March 2022. In March 2023, Fleisch announced their ambition to represent the UK at Eurovision through a desire to represent their country and the vibrant tapestry of culture stitched by independent artists throughout the UK. Since then, they have launched their Eurovision Campaign to urge the BBC to only consider unsigned acts, and have primed themselves to take their sound to the masses and into the future.

FLEISCH are Jonny Blunsdon (Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Sequencing), Connal Bower (Drums), and Martin Davey (Bass)









If you like what you see, read or listen in ElektroSpank you can buy us a coffee!!!

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