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Sediment Bruise - In Between

Sediment Bruise - In Between

Ikaros Records

January 2019

Sediment Bruise is an indie band from Thessaloniki, Greece with a lot of dark feeling in their music.

Recently I discovered a band which I hadn't heard about, before. And I blame myself for this. Sediment Bruise is a Greek band coming from Thessaloniki and their indie sound is really addictive, even if this is not your style. 

Sediment Bruise gives us a different sound absolutely based on indie lines but with plenty of emotional tunes and melancholic guitars and music. And above this there is a unique tone in the voices of Vag Mood and Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis. Sediment Bruise band members are Vag Mood (vocals), Nick Nikolaidis (guitars), Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Sotiris Fotinitsoglou (violin), George Moukos (drums), and Panagiotis Giannoudis (bass).

"In Between" is the third full length album of Sediment Bruise and came out in January 2019. Although the band's sound is definitely an alternative/indie sound, in "In Between" there are many more music influences included. The whole album is deeply atmospheric and dark with the main influences remaining obvious but I could say that there is a lot of new wave, post rock and even a sense of dark pop.

In this album from Sediment Bruise have perfectly matched the sound of Radiohead with that of God Is an Astronaut but then again you will find Suede and Sonic Youth playing with Interpol and even New Order. And this may looks strange while you read this article but please, go ahead and listen to "In Between" to understand how a band can manage to combine these influences and create beautiful music and a great album.

"In Between" includes great music trips. Melodies that range from heavy guitar riffs to emotional synths along with strong bass lines to chilling violin additions.

The album starts with "Birth", a beautiful first track which can give you an idea of the whole album. Starting in a very melodic way while moving to a more powerful ending and building all the atmosphere that will follow and be kept in the rest of the album. It is really difficult to me to separate any of the tracks, and write that is better than the others. "In Between" is a deep concept album where you can say that all members contributed in the creation phase. And this could be the result of such different influences and elements.

"State of Mind", "Delinquency", "Parasites" are all songs beautifully composed, with a hypnotic mood building this deep dark atmosphere but leading to a sound explosion with guitars and drums that makes you wanna stand up and start to dance. "Mirror" is another one that keeps this melancholic atmosphere with its bass and a quite monotone guitar ending with a smart combination of kids voices and a heavier guitar.

"The Shore" and "No Bonds Between Us" are the tracks that will make your travel with their low-tempo and ambience."Emergency Response" is what someone can say, a clean alternative, indie track with the violin adding a different tone. "Flying Low" is the closing piece of an emotional sound puzzle.

As I mentioned earlier, an important factor to the whole outcome and the deep atmosphere is the vocals which are quite unique, sometimes creepy, melancholic, almost like whispers.

There is an official video released as well for the "State of Mind". A really beautiful video including beautiful scenes from the beloved city of Thessaloniki and an atmosphere that fits perfectly to this song. You can find it and watch it below.

In the production of "In Between" we find Clive Martin, an experienced producer that has worked together with Visage, Queen, Puressence, Stereophonics and more. Martin was also in the production of "A New Disease", the previous full length album of Sediment Bruise, in 2016.

"In Between" is an album that really surprised me in different ways. I really like it from the first hearing. While I kept listening to it, It became more addictive. Sediment Bruise built a concept that the impact to the listener is similar to the form of their compositions. While, in the beginning, you think that there is just another good album, a strange relationship is being built and the tension keeps strengthen and you just want to listen to it more and more. As it happens with "In Between" 's songs. Low-tempo intro leading to an atmosphere that builds a powerful ending. Really glad to have found Sediment Bruise. Looking forward to their next steps.

Sediment Bruise - State of Mind










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