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Bestial Mouths, Midnight Poetry, Nano Infect, live - Arch Club - 25/5/24 | Review

Unique aesthetic dark wave, industrial, electro from Bestial Mouths, Midnight Poetry and Nano Infect!

Saturday was the end of a really tiring week in many ways, since we put a lot of energy into making a night that would stay in everyone's mind. After the final confirmation of the DAF's no-show, on Thursday, late at night, we had very little time to react. Nevertheless, we prepared an event within this short time which I consider to be one of the best evenings I have been to and in which I have participated in the organization.

Bestial Mouths are a band with their own signature sound that caught my attention a few years ago. Unique aesthetic dark wave, industrial with a ritual atmosphere that takes you on a journey and with the characteristic haunted vocals of Lynette Cerezzo, an ethereal figure who transforms very easily from a dark priestess on stage to one of the most pleasant and good people I have met in this scene. The whole crew of Bestial Mouths, Lynette, Raph, Wanda and Kat are very good musicians, perfect professionals and very nice guys, the kind you want to have your drinks with, and talk for hours. And as for their appearance on stage, it was simply flawless. Terrific sound, performance and unique vocals and appearance by Lynette. I was very happy that we succeeded and brought this band to Athens! It was a choice for which I was absolutely sure that they would captivate us with their appearance.

For Midnight Poetry, I have to say that we might be talking about one of the best debut live shows I've seen (along with that of Reflection Black, in October 2023). Cleopatra and John took the stage as if they had a plan ready for a long time with which they would make the whole audience stand there in front of them with their mouths open. Flawless interpretation by Cleopatra, (it is known that she is one of the best voices in this scene, in Greece, and not only), a stage presence that reminds of bands with years on the road and music that perfectly ties Cleopatra's dark musical past with that of John's who comes from the world of melodic, uplifting trance. The result? Seductive dark wave, dark electro, dark synth, romance and dynamism under one name. Midnight Poetry. We have a lot more to expect and see from them.

The Nano Infect chapter opened for the Saturday live, literally a breath before it started. Here I want to publicly say a big thank you to Sakis who not only offered but also carried out this difficult task in the best possible way, being the ideal start to the evening. With a long history and experience in dynamic dark electro, industrial, but also with a long absence from the stages (7 years), Nano Infect came out on stage with a rousing set, warming up the crowd that had started to gather at the Arch Club. Some traveled back to the time when Nano Infect opened for Suicide Commando and some simply seized the opportunity to hear for the first time a band from those who put Greece on the map of the harsh industrial scene. I'll say it again, a big thank you to Sakis who came with his "madness" and contributed to the creation of an incredible live night.

Also a very big thank you to everyone who was there on Saturday. Your presence was valuable to everyone. For the bands, since your applause was what warmed up the space, but also for us who once again felt your incredible support in everything we do. Even now that things did not go exactly as we had planned, and recognizing all the effort we have put in this time and also in setting up a unique event despite any absence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we continue to plan more unique nights than those that stick in the mind for a long time.

Of course, all this was done together with the awesome and amazing "accomplice" in this whole crazy journey that we have started quite some time ago, Nikos Chanakoulas, for whom, many times I think he is more "sick" than me iwth all these that we do . This time we also had the help of another "crazy" with this scene and music, Panos Kekesis, and I thank him very much for everything, but also TMR Entertainment Group for the cooperation and for the hospitality at the very good Arch Club Live Stage!

C U soon!

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